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Review: In Darkness

2012-02-12 15:00:13

Nominated for Best Foreign Film, Agnieszka Holland's In Darkness tells the story of a group of Jews who survived the Holocaust by spending 14 months living in sewers beneath the city of Lvov. ...Read Full Post

Albert Nobbs, The Guard share IFTA spoils - Awards – Ireland

2012-02-12 15:00:04

Rodrigo Garcia’s Albert Nobbs and John Michael McDonagh’s The Guard were the big winners at the 9th annual Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTAs), winning...

Pandora launches new films by Akin, Folman and Jarmusch - Berlinale 2012 – Market/Germany

2012-02-12 15:00:04

German production company Pandora Film has new films by German director Fatih Akin (pictured), Israeli director Ari Folman and US director Jim Jarmusch on...

Strong films for Cannes, but bad timing for the Berlinale - Berlinale 2012 - Market/Belgium

2012-02-12 15:00:04

Wallonie Bruxelles Images manager Eric Franssen is the first to admit that the performance of French-speaking Belgian cinema at this year’s Berlinale is ......

Mikael Rieks to portray the king with the dragon tattoo - Berlinale 2012 - Market/Denmark

2012-02-12 15:00:04

Royalty is highly rated in Danish cinema: While Danish director Nikolaj Arcel’s A Royal Affair about an 18th century court scandal is screening in...

From Princess to doped skiers, both in fact and fiction for Halonen - Berlinale 2012 - Market/Finland

2012-02-12 15:00:04

The 2001 Lahti World Championships in Finland was supposed to expose the glory of Finnish skiing, a cornerstone in the country’s self-esteem. Instead it...

Ceasar Must Die : the kindest cut of all - Berlinale 2012 – Competition/Italie

2012-02-12 15:00:04

In 76 minutes, two brilliant filmmakers offered the audience in Berlin a screening to remember, with their marriage of several striking tales. Ceasar Must...

Jolie: nervous, excited about premiere in Bosnia (AP)

2012-02-11 15:00:15

AP - Angelina Jolie says she's nervous and excited about the upcoming premiere in Sarajevo of her Bosnian war movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey."

Mafioso and murderer tackle Shakespeare in new film (Reuters)

2012-02-11 15:00:15

Reuters - Drug dealers, a Mafioso and a murderer are cast in the roles of Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and others in "Caesar Must Die," a docu-drama about inmates at a tough Italian prison who take on a Shakespeare tragedy.

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan undergoes surgery (AP)

2012-02-11 15:00:15

AP - Bollywood's biggest star Amitabh Bachchan underwent abdominal surgery on Saturday and was recovering well in a Mumbai hospital, his son said.

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